Amadou snippets for smoke – chases away mosquitos & flies

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Amadou is the interior thin soft layer of the beech tree tinder mushroom Fomes Fomentarius. It was used for fire starting by Ötzi, the iceman, 5000 years ago. In the early medieval age, it was used for sealing the ships, and for healing the wounds, because stops the bleeding instantly.
Bee-keepers are using the amadou smoke for calming the bees. According to the most recent studies published by P. Stamets in Nature Scientific Reports, honey bees may gain health benefits from amadou and their antimicrobial compounds.
Transylvanian village Corund is the last place of Europe, where amadou is processed by handicrafters for making stunning hats, purses, table runners, wiping sheets, etc. During this pealing and hand carving, chunks and snippets of amadou are generated.
We pack now these snippets for you, for making a nice forest-smelling mysterious smoke to save yourself from bothering mosquitos and flies. Your outdoor activities will become mosquito and flies-free: camping, fishing, terrace parties or any precious chill out moments.

One package contains enough amadou to make tens of hours of enjoyable smoke.

Shipping cost is cca. 5 USD.


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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 20 × 30 cm

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