You keen to unveil some hidden secrets of a traditional community and it's land?

Would you like to getaway all the noise and dust of your daily shadows of grey?

Surely  you are looking to spend some valuable time in Transylvania, specially in its Southern and Eastern side, called Saxon and Szeklerland, the lands of Saxons and Hungarian communities.

We don’t mind if you have linked Transylvania only with Dracula’s name, we are here to change your mind about this corner of heaven. We are here to share to you some deep experiences, by discovering a traditional way of life kept by proud szekler communities.

You keen to break your daily round sometimes. We offer the solution for trip off the stress, the noise and dust of your city: it’s called Village Break©.  We try to add peaceful value to your vacation time. Beating the rhythm of the village locals and the natural places, you will discover that sometimes, just the thing we need during our travel is no-thing.

We would like to share with you the tastes and processes of local cuisine by cooking lessons or just tasting visits to local producers and farms. The zero kilometer food concept, the zero waste household, the fully organic food producing is part of our daily life, we don’t struggle to achieve some label’s conditions, simply we just do them every day. Be part of this timeless experience for a few days.


were made by the potter wheels

in our Experimental pottery activity during the past 6 years


have pulled our horses

the carts we use in the Time travel tour during the past 4 years

27local families

local families
gain extra income

by offering produce and services to our Slow tours, activities and holidays

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