Experimental do-it-yourself aragonite grinding

Assisted by a professional, you will understand the characteristics of the Corund Aragonite, the szekler gemstone.

You can enjoy a do-it-yourself grinding activity where this layered, translucid rock became a semiprecious stone and a valuable bijou by your own hand.


What is included

The fee is 70 EUR /activity.

Includes the lesson about the 13 steps of hand grinding and polishing the semiprecious Aragonite stone. A rugged piece of rock is going to transform in your hands to a nice shining, multilayered semiprecious stone and a bijou made by you. It includes all the consumables, the lessons, your time, our time, the rock and the bijou accessories.

Duration: 2 -3 hours.

Goup size and guiding language

Max group size is 6 persons / activity. Please consider, that the activity needs about 3 hours to finish your own bijou’s.
We explain in English, German, Hungarian and Romanian.

Seasonality, bookings

We offer this activity all year long, rainy, sunny or winter day, does not matter. At least one day in advance booking is required.

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